THE SABOTAGING PARTY GAME ...where friends become enemies & enemies become frenemies

Card Examples

All DRINKS with FRENEMIES™ cards are categorized, color coded and uniquely numbered so they can be quickly identified. There are six types of cards: DRINK, GAME, GAME OVER, FRENEMY RULE, GROUP RULE & SPECIAL.

  • DRINK cards consist of targeting players. Some cards give you the choice of dishing out punishment and some go after player’s fantastic and terrible personal traits. Some cards are also similar to never have I ever.
  • GAME cards consist of mini games where all players participate, reaction timed-based games, duel games (1 vs 1), truths, dares, categories and most likely to (blank).
  • GAME OVER cards are the winning cards in the deck which give you the opportunity to assign who takes a Frenemy Shot!
  • FRENEMY RULE cards give 1 player the ability to impose a rule on all other players or on 1 specific enemy. These are without question some of the most amusing and wackiest rules we’ve got. Some will leave you wondering why you agreed to play this ridiculous game in the first place if you get stuck having to follow one. Only 1 FRENEMY RULE card may be in play at any one time.
  • GROUP RULE cards impose a rule on all players. These are the most common type of rules found in the game which make for hilarious moments as rules get stacked on one another. Only 2 GROUP RULE cards may be in play at any one time.
  • SPECIAL cards are used to change up the status quo of the game by giving you special abilities. Some of the special abilities allow you to play out of turn to inflict additional pain onto your enemies!