THE SABOTAGING PARTY GAME ...where friends become enemies & enemies become frenemies


9 Editions Available

  • Original – This deck will get you up and moving and all while dishing out sabotages left and right. – Advanced Game Pack (110 Cards)
  • NSFW – This deck is filled with cards you shouldn’t play around people who easily blush… or maybe you should. – Standard Game Pack (55 Cards)
  • Retro – This deck is an outrageous and original adaptation of popular drinking games like King’s Cup, Ring of Fire and Circle of Death. – Standard Game Pack (55 Cards)
  • Explicit – This deck is a bleepity bleep good time! Don’t be afraid of the F-word… FUN! – Advanced Game Pack (110 Cards)
  • Millennial – This deck illustrates how all snowflakes are unique and beautiful! Unless triggered and then they melt. – Standard Game Pack (55 Cards)
  • Politically Incorrect – This deck is all about having a good laugh. If you can’t make fun of yourself, let other people do it for you! – Standard Game Pack (55 Cards)
  • Hardcore – This deck is like hardcore parkour, you'll be jumping off walls and rolling on the floor with laughter. – Advanced Game Pack (110 Cards)
  • Naughty – This deck will definitely get you on the naughty list! – Standard Game Pack (55 Cards)
  • Pregame – This deck will start your night off right with laughs so good you may not even leave the house. – Standard Game Pack (55 Cards)

2 game pack versions: Advanced & Standard. Each card is unique in every game pack so you’ll never end up with duplicates!

  • Advanced Game Pack: 110 unique cards.
    • More strategic gameplay. Best suited for playing at home on game nights.
    • Standard Game Pack: 55 unique cards.
      • Quicker based gameplay. Best suited for public settings such as bars and pubs.